Company Profile

BSoft S.A. is a Greek Software company specialised in the informational needs of the medical profession. It designs, develops and supports a great variety of products for hospitals, medical univercities, clinics as well as medical offices. The company employs proffesionals of various expertise in order to deliver the most cost efficient - highly specialised software to its cliens all over Europe. BSoft is a member of Broker Systems S.A. group of companies. The group is the leader in brokerage and banking software in Greece with a great deal of activities in Cyprus as well as the Balkans.






The software is designed to cover the informational need of dentists (patient’s details, medical history, dental chart, ledger, day-to-day appointment schedule and recalls) as well as to keep track of all digital images that are captured through the use of digital hardware. A special application (BSVISION) that is incorporated in the software uses various functions for the enhancement of all digitally stored images (formats supported: TIFF and JPEG). The program is available in Greek as well as English but can be easily turned to any other language. BSDENT is the most popular dental software in Greece. It currently numbers 1500 installations. BSDENT is windows based, can facilitate one or more users and can be run on a Local Area Network.


  • Maintenance of Patient’s File divided into the following subcategories:


    1. Basic Record (name, address, phone numbers, age and other demographics)
    2. Additional Record (Blood group, insurance number, notes etc)
    3. Family Record (additional family members)
    4. Medical History (with Alarms)
    5. Questionnaire (easily adaptable to the needs of each installation)
    6. Recalls
  • Descriptive and graphical representation of the Dental Chart following three schemas (initial situation, treatment plan, treatment implementation). The Dental Chart also includes:
    1. Chewing Surfaces
    2. Therapy Sessions
    3. Periodology Charts and Measurements (Recession-Iphisisis, Bleeding Scale, Pocket Depth, Plaque etc)
    4. Endo Measurements
    5. Teeth Images (for the addition of digital images taken by specialized hardware e.g. Intra-oral camera, digital sensor, scanner)
    6. Teeth Coloring
    7. Teeth history
    8. Notes
  • Financial Transactions
    1. Patients’ Ledger (analytically kept for each patient)
    2. Suppliers’ Ledger
    3. Lab Ledger (for transactions that involve purchase orders to various dental labs)
    4. Expenses Ledger
  • Day to Day and Weekly Calendar (Appointments) using multiple types of appointments according to the clinic’s needs
  • Suppliers File
  • Lab Supplies and Inventory
  • Prescription Files
  • Reminders Card (Short term, Long term)
  • Phone List (Directory)
  • Data Sharing with MS-Outlook2003 and MS-Outlook XP
  • Designed to facilitate multiple users

The software also includes the BSREPORTS application that produces statistical print outs and lists of data. Some of the possible listings are:

    1. Patients’ List (catalogued by various fields e.g. name, date-of-birth, recall occurrence etc)
    2. Financial Lists (patients’ payments, patients’ balances, suppliers’ balances etc)
    3. Historical Lists (based on treatment implementation schedules)
    4. Lab / Supplier’s Lists
    5. Appointment List (by patient or for specific time period)
    6. All economic data with references to patients, suppliers and dental procedures
    7. Dental procedures (ordered by patient, and/or procedure or group of procedures)

The print outs that hold statistical information can also be viewed graphically (with bar and/or pie charts) wherever is possible. Print outs are also designed as labels to facilitate the doctor’s mail and communication with the patients.


BSVision application is specialized software designed for the manipulation of digital images. It has been developed by BSOFT S.A. to escort the BSDENT software package. The application stores, manipulates and files images of TIFF and JPEG formats. The image is usually captured by an Intra-oral camera or digital sensor. Images can also be acquired by a scanner or digital camera. BSVision incorporates the following tools:

  • Image Rotation (Flipping of the original image by x or y axes)
  • Negative Image
  • Contrast – Brightness
  • Zoom
  • Measurements (of the actual distances as shown within the image)
  • Annotations (keeping notes on the image that can be visible or invisible according to the doctor’s needs)
  • Pseudo colors (especially useful when working with the digital sensor and one needs more clarity as to make a diagnose)
  • Histogram Analysis
  • Equal Bone Density (specially useful when working with implants)
  • Density Analysis (density analysis of soft tissue)
  • Pseudo 3D (transforms 2D images into the equivalent 3D for better clarity)
  • Tone Correction (to clarify low or hyper exposed images)
Gaussian, Average moving (Noise removing filters)
Median (Low pass filters)
WIENER (Low pass filters)
High pass filters

It must be noted that before an image is viewed, is automatically pre-processed by BSVision with the usage of highly specialized algorithms. If however the result is not the desirable one, the doctor can proceed to further manipulation of the image.