Broker Systems approach to implementation is that the engineered software or systems should work as expected, be on time, be developed within budget, be maintainable, and have components that are reusable. To support its approach to implementation, Broker Systems employs an iterative implementation strategy. The focus of Broker Systems' approach is to get the "right level" of process. Understanding the challenges faced by the implementation team and the environment in which it operates, derives the right level of process formality. Once the challenges are understood, Broker Systems supplies just enough process to mitigate the risks.

Broker Systems' approach does emphasize certain values. These values are Communication, Simplicity, Feedback and Iteration.



 Communication - A good process facilitates communications. It provides the channels between the parties that need to communicate, and indicates the form, purpose and goal of that communication. Intermediate artifacts are usually needed to achieve this facilitation; however a good process does not reduce communication to the blind production of intermediate artifacts. Communication takes place between people, documents are secondary.

Simplicity - A process that is too complex will often fail. Simplicity is a value to be intensely defended, both in our software, and in our process. We will not add activities or artifacts to our processes unless the need for them is critical. We will regularly sweep through our processes and remove accumulated complexity. Anything that cannot be completely justified is eliminated.

Feedback - The only way to truly control a project is to continuously measure its progress, compare that progress against the plan, and then adjust the development parameters to correct any deviation from the plan. This is the foundational motivation for all iterative methods.

Iteration - The implementation process moves forward in increments called iterations. The goal of each iteration is to develop a working component that can be demonstrated to all the stakeholders, and that all the stakeholders will find meaningful.

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