CerBeruS(R) - Access Control System

Cerberus® application is an enhanced customized subsystem of XRHMA Suite and its main scope is to provide control and management functionality in accessing Andromeda applications by generating and handling PINs, controlling and handling Tokens, uploading documents to site through its internal CMS module and also providing security and access settings for Andromeda.

The main functionality of Cerberus® application is:

º    PIN generation and management. Since passwords provide in most cases the only means of authenticating the user access on a system, a good password management system, that would guarantee the effectiveness and quality of the enforced authentication mechanisms, must exist. Furthermore, an effective and quality password-based authentication mechanism should conform to some general security standards and best practices for the management of the users’ account. Cerberus provides the following functionality for the PIN management processing:

  • Generate PIN after customer request or massive PIN generation for bulk distribution to Bank branches.
  • Print serialized PINs in sealed envelops per batch
  • Four eyes checking before packaging and shipment
  • Full control of each PIN envelop though out its life cycle (acceptance, assignment to the client account, activation, deactivation, cancellation etc)
  • Detailed audit trail for controlling & monitoring PINs, using multiple selection criteria
  • Statistics and management reporting

º    Token handling and control. Furthermore, there is a customized feature for Token handling. Through this option, the following features are provided:

  • Bulk collection and classification of new tokens
  • Importation and categorization into tokens warehouse – database
  • Accept and process end-user request for new token
  • Processing of requests for packaging, invoicing, authorization, mailing etc.
  • Four eyes checking control for all above actions
  • Control token by accepting returns and reversing invoices
  • Full control of each Token though out its life cycle (acceptance, synchronization, activation, deactivation, cancellation etc)
  • Detailed audit trail for controlling & monitoring tokens using multiple selection criteria
  • Statistics and management reporting

º    Content management subsystem. This function is used to create, manage, store, authorize and upload content to Andromeda web site. The content includes text files with embedded graphics, PDFs, photos, video and audio that renders other content or interacts with the user. The CMS may also catalogue or index content, select or assemble content, or deliver content to specific visitors in a personalized way through Andromeda or Mobile, such as in different languages. There is also available functionality to upload, check and delete any announcement that is intended for the company’s web site.

º    Andromeda parameters and systems settings. The intention of a system parameter is to improve the application customization in the sense that it can be adapted to different applications (Andromeda, Mobile, e-trade) or to new customers (or new functionality in the same customer) without the need to change the system's code. The available options are:

  • Define types of datafeed users
  • Market watch parameters
  • Andromeda settings
  • Define user type as regards datafeed
  • Statistics and management reports
  • PIN management parameters & setup
  • Token Parameters