Communication Center

Communication Center

About Communication Center Service

Communication Center – FaxEmailSMS - service provides to businesses a solution to all their faxing, emailing, SMS transmission needs through XRHMA functionality and using existing customer transactional data. Companies can realize significant cost savings by using Communication Center Service, eliminating costly fax servers, multiple phone lines, hard copies as well as a management team to maintain them and notify customers. Because faxes are delivered as PDF or rich text documents to an email address together with email messages or they are transmitted to a regular fax machine, customers can access notification messages anywhere they are, allowing for maximum mobility of the business professional. And since the system sends faxes, emails, SMS notifications, reports, statements automatically from XRHMA backoffice, it provides an additional costless service to the company and an automated high level service to their customers.

Communication Center service integration can be easily adapted to existing XRHMA infrastructure and does not require the installation of additional applications or 3rd party software. Communication Center service also includes options to manage and control operating and transmission costs per service and per customer level, and also the facility to charge and invoice customers accordingly.

With just a modem connection for faxes, an email user for emails, and an internet access to the selected SMS provider API, system can send faxes, emails, SMS, according to customer settings, directly from XRHMA without user interference. Our Communication Center service enables you to easily manage multiple senders, broadcast faxes/emails/SMSs to multiple recipients, and customize all of your transmissions. And best of all, our service saves you time and money while enhancing your sending experience.


Broad email and business application support: seamless integration with Outlook, Outlook Express and Domino/Lotus notes email programs, as well as with MS Office applications, for greater convenience

Fax service: integrated solution into XRHMA infrastructure for anytime/anywhere faxing.

SMS Service: Auto-generated SMS and forwarded to any mobile device.

Extensive customization: configurable confirmation policy, deferred transmission, retry sending, and fax/email-detail labeling for comprehensive customization

Distribution list management: extensive management of unlimited number of recipients for greater efficiency

Enhanced privacy and security: strong encryption, SSL access and message deletion feature for high-level privacy and security


  • User-friendly service
  • Cost-effective operations
  • Near-100% reliability
  • High scalability
  • Enhanced productivity