Custody Management System

XRHMA(R) Custody Management System

XRHMA Custody Management System is an integrated investment management and portfolio accounting system covering order management, trade execution, clearing - settlement and safekeeping functions.

It supports local and international investment activities, enabling firms to process, clear and settle securities trading in multiple currencies, measure performance and post transactions on a real-time basis. XRHMA Custody supports a range of a banks middle and back-office activities, and provides full integration to front office functions. Its ability to track positions for the customer, the bank, the broker as well as for the custodian provides for the necessary on-line update of positions, reconciliation and a self balancing control. Besides a comprehensive portfolio accounting, valuation, performance monitoring and attribution, the solution is embedded with a comprehensive module on income processing and administration of corporate actions.  A number of standard interfaces to street side and market side facilitate auto reconciliation and Straight-Through-Processing using industry standard message protocols like SWIFT and FIX.

XRHMA Custody is a Straight-Through-Processing System in Securities settlement category, next-generation global and regional securities servicing product that supports Custody & Corporate Action related business requirements in scrip-less as well as scrip-based environments. It provides an automated solution enabling standardization for securities settlement, custody management, and regional & global corporate actions. XRHMA Custody covers both generic as well as market specific practices, in dematerialized, immobilized and physical environments.

It is architected to meet the existing and evolving needs of the global and local custodians. The product provides a wide range of functionality resting on a unique technological architecture to make it capable of handling the complex processing requirements of the industry and also well equipped to adapt and evolve as the dynamics of the market demand.



XRHMA Custody provides comprehensive functionality for processing wide range of securities in multiple markets including real-time buy and sell of securities through various Trading Members, fixed income instruments, derivatives (Futures & Options) and mutual funds across a number of international financial markets along with money market and Forex instruments to support complete operations. It provides comprehensive functionality to automate the complete operations of a global or sub custodian.

  • Trades Clearing and Settlement. End to end trade management and settlement including instructions management, matching and allocation, Gross settlement, closing of open positions based on settlement advice and partial settlement. Flexible settlement engine facilitating order creation, affirmation and settlement through straight through processing, linking of orders, full/partial settlement, reconciliations and contractual settlement.
  • Corporate Actions. Flexible scheduling, management and execution of all Corporate Actions events manual defined or with various data providers and automatic generation of eligibility & entitlement details.
  • Custody Management. Provides for management of physical documents, including records of physical movement of scrips, reconciliation of holdings and generation of advice receipt & delivery of scrips.
  • Book Keeping. Provides for booking of all security & cash movements including information on current available balance and projected balance, statement of holdings and statement of transactions Maintenance of cash (vostro,  nostro) and specific suspense accounts.
  • Charges & Billing. Provides for calculation of charges and invoice generation including classifying charges in terms of service, category, charge items & charge factors.
  • Market Execution. Real-time STP workflow with standard interfaces for Market Information providers including Tenfore, SWIFT, FIX, etc

  • Portfolio Management and Fund Administration. Portfolio definition, valuation, and performance, fund management and accounting capabilities integrated with trading and settlement for complete fund administration workflow. It supports multi asset type, multi currency fund portfolio, accruals and amortization, flexible fee and charges structure and online valuations. Fund management and accounting capabilities integrated with trading and settlement for complete fund administration workflow. It supports multi asset type, multi currency fund portfolio, accruals and amortization, flexible fee and charges structure and online valuations.

  • Reporting. Extensive client, trade, order, custodian and broker reporting and creation of intra-day appraisals, trading summaries and periodical Statements.




  • Multi entity, Multi Currency, Multi Market Securities Processing Platform for multiple securities in diverse markets.
  • Enhanced Straight-Through-Processing (STP) and streamlined processing of corporate actions.
  • Real-time Transaction Processing and Comprehensive System Security Functions with complete Audit Trail.
  • Comprehensive reporting capability and Powerful reporting tools to generate a variety of reports with exceptional ease, detail & clarity.
  • Multi-language user interface.
  • Ease of Integration to External Systems’ Infrastructure and Banking environments.
  • Highly Scalable Solution designed and benchmarked to manage exponential business growth.
  • Effective Management of Exceptions
  • Comprehensive Rule-Based Charging and Invoicing
  • Effective Posting of Securities & Cash transactions
  • Automatic Notifications through Swift, email, SMS, Fax



XRHMA Custody is a solution for the global banking market developed in collaboration with leading banks. It communicates through open API’s with brokers, custodians and depositories to create a true environment of straight through processing from trade to settlement. By centralizing their processing systems, XRHMA Custody enables banks and financial institutions to reap benefits from a simple, effective and reliable technology platform.

  • Extensive Market Coverage. Increase market coverage by processing wide range of financial instruments such as equities, debt instrument, derivatives and mutual funds.

  • Higher Operational Efficiencies. Enabling straight through processing of trade and settlement in real time and seamless automation of corporate actions processing.

  • Improve Operation Control. Seamless integration of complete securities processing value chain processes with comprehensive functionality and flexibility.

  • Raise Customer Service. Facilitate improved transparency by providing accurate information on customer transactions.

  • Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management. Meet legal and regulatory requirements by flexible reporting mechanisms.

  • Ease of Integration. Well defined, easy-to-use published APIs enables rapid integration of existing systems and third party applications for bidirectional communication 

  • Investment Protection. Through open, scalable, flexible architecture for future growth and business practices.

  • Increased coverage. Comprehensive functionality with coverage for all business areas for custody operations along with Multi-branch, Multi-Currency, Multi-entity support.

  • Improved Productivity. Minimized manual intervention, would eliminate redundant activities, improve productivity & operational efficiency, and reduce risk.

  • Better Risk Management. Significantly parameterized and rule driven for easy, flexible and adaptive configurability, complete enterprise wide view of information, comprehensive audit trail features, effective management of exceptions and provision for data Archival & Recovery.

  • Low cost of ownership. Choice of hardware & database platforms, easy & flexible to interface with external systems through generic communication interface, robust & scalable open architecture for future growth in business.




Safekeeping & Settlement


  • Safekeeping of Custody Assets  -  On / Off  Premises Custody
  • Safekeeping of Securities Transactions
    • Trade Initiation / Affirmations-Confirmations
    • Settlement / Compliance
  • Reporting and Recordkeeping
  • Cash Management
  • Foreign Exchange




Securities Servicing


  • Income collection
  • Corporate Actions
  • Reporting and Recordkeeping
  • ax Reclaims



Other Value-Added  Services


  • Risk Measurement & Management
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Reporting and Recordkeeping
  • Performance Measurement




Types of Corporate Actions


  • Stock Splits
  • Reverse splits
  • Dividends (Cash / Stocks)
  • Mergers
  • Reverse Mergers
  • Acquisitions
  • Rights issues
  • Spin offs
  • Initial Public Offering



Reporting SWIFT Messages (*)


All MT5xx messages are coverd.  For more informations clik here....