Requests Monitoring System

Requests Monitoring System

Requests Monitoring System takes the finest features of the helpdesk, trouble ticket and integrates them into a secure web environment that is powerfully productive yet very user friendly. This module takes support to a new level of effectiveness within the company. Request Monitoring System gives a wide-ranging control and visibility of your day-to-day support issues as well as to any new request or topic that should be monitored and reviewed.

Requests Monitoring System provides the following features and functionality:

  • Organizes and stores all support communications
  • Displays all support request individually or by group
  • Allows for updating of all support requests
  • Tracks support actions, giving management a real-time picture of support status
  • Stored support requests allows management to review how to improve support
  • Support request are cataloged under customer identity

No technical knowledge is necessary for use of Requests Monitoring System, because it uses a web based interface that is so intuitive you will be working in minutes.Trouble Ticket is completely compatible with every current web and e-mail hosting service.
Requests Monitoring System is accessible through
from any computer with up to date web browsers and any Internet connection. No software needs to be downloaded to your network or computers.

Powerful Help Desk Solution

  • Simplify your support procedures
  • Track issues to ensure resolution in the appropriate amount of time
  • Review closed ticket to monitor the effectiveness of your team
  • Improve customers support resolution Attach links, screen shots, and files to tickets to assist in explanations of trouble tickets 

Incident Management Process Flow

The goal of Incident Management is to minimize the disruption to the business by restoring service operation to agreed-upon levels as quickly as possible.

The Incident Management process is divided into seven key parts:

  1. Incident Detection
  2. Incident Classification
  3. Initial Support
  4. Investigation and Diagnosis
  5. Resolution and Recovery
  6. Incident Closure
  7. Incident monitoring and communication

The following image shows the Incident Management process flow:

The focus of Broker Systems SA “Request Monitoring System” is on the detection, classification, initial support, and investigation and diagnosis of incidents. It is also used to classify and prioritize incidents, and then route them to the appropriate subject matter expert.

  • Incident Detection
    The goal of Incident Detection within Request Monitoring System is to automatically create incidents, and to record the basic details about the incident. This ensures that incidents are not lost and provides information that assists with Problem Management activities.
  • Incident Classification
    The goal of Incident Classification of the Request Monitoring System is to help and accelerate the proper classification of an incident and assign it a priority. The Request Monitoring System help you classify and prioritize incidents.
  • Initial Support
    The goal of Initial Support within Request Monitoring System is to quickly identify workarounds for incidents. From each of the above task, you can launch in context to other similar Broker Systems’ products to get information about configuration items that might be impacted by an incident.
  • Investigation and Diagnosis
    The goal of Incident Investigation and Diagnosis in Request Monitoring System is to assess incidents and all of the data that is associated with them in order to identify appropriate responses and actions.