The Company

Tenfore Hellas SA, is a financial technology firm focused on providing international market data and feeding third parties trading applications. The company distribute market data directly from international vendors accompanied with fundamental data providers, news and government agencies, associations and weather providers.


With headquarters in the heart of Athens financial district, Tenfore Hellas SA has been providing industry-leading market data and supporting trading solutions since 1996.


Tenfore’s clients include companies in financial services, Banks, Brokerage firms, wealth management, proprietary trading, media, technology as well as agriculture, energy, metals and other commodities.


Tenfore offers international market data through propriety software or row data through APIs to custom solutions for institutional clients that encompass data feeds, website content, software and enterprise data management.


Tenfore Hellas SA, having recently completed successfully 25 years of consecutive and uninterrupted presence in the Greek market, cooperates with two of the major international data vendors, SunGard & MorningStar, for representation, distribution and support, an extensive line of their products and services for Greece, Cyprus and SouthEast Europe.


The company’s emphasis is on developing strong client relationships and providing superior customer service, working to tailor solutions to your business needs.


We have been delivering data feeds to a wide range of clients for the past years, so we have built up a considerable pool of expertise, which you can tap into. This means that we can deliver low-latency data feeds, even across the internet, offering an outstanding combination of quality, stability and value-for-money.


We believe that our data services, and especially MarketMap application, is a product that covers your needs in viewing international market data, and you will get more value from your Market Data Budget. In order for you to put this to the test, you can have a free trial of our MarketMap terminal or if you need any additional information or explanation – simply contact , or Telephone 210-3367210 and our HelpDesk (24x7) will serve you.





Product Overview

Every day, critical trading and investment decisions are made in a highly volatile and fast-moving market. Access to in-depth, high-speed and accurate information, as well as the ability to conduct fast and reliable research is critical.

With MarketMap, users receive access to high-quality marketing data, news and analysis from over 180 global exchanges and over-the-counter (OTC) sources. MarketMap’s fully scalable, multi-asset class tools help financial professionals make informed investment decisions and support traders in price-discovery and decision-marking processes.


MarketMap Terminal is a user friendly market data solution for the full spectrum of financial market participants, available for desktop and mobile devices.


Key features

Core functions

-    Real-time and delayed data from multiple global exchanges and OTC sources

-    Real-time, historical and reference data

-    Cross-asset data handling; Equities, Derivatives, Fixed Income, Funds, FX/MM, Economic & Financial Indicators, Indices

-    Fundamental technical analysis capabilities; ownership view, consensus estimates, stock performances & peers, financial summaries, ratios, risk numbers

-    Advanced Charting functionality

-    Microsoft® Excel interface

-    Workspaces

-    Quote lists, Order Books, T&S displays, Tickers, Composite, Vista

-    Charts

-    News windows

-    Alerts

-    Symbol Guide

-    Calculators

Individual workspaces are created by the user and can contain a combination of quote lists, charts, news, tickers, web pages and more.

Drag and drop is supported between all MarketMap windows. For example, an instrument in a quote list can be dragged to an existing chart window to display its price history.

Each user can customize the appearance of MarketMap by selecting his own combination of fonts, and colors.

Quote lists and other instrument displays

Quote lists are dynamically updated and can contain any combination of Market data instruments from any Exchange, OTC provider or Broker/contributor. Users have the choice of opening a blank quote list and creating their own lists or selecting a pre-defined list from the MarketMap List browser.


An instrument can be added to a quote list by entering its unique identification code made up of the ticker or data source symbol and a market identifier. A default list of data field columns is displayed across the top of each quote list; which will vary depending on the type of instrument. Users can choose from a large list of data fields and save these Quote list templates for future use.

Users also have the option of displaying Full quote, Ticker, Time&Sales, Order Book and Page displays alongside the Quote lists and save them as their individual Workspaces.


VISTA is the MarketMap multi-tabbed service based on Composite that will display all information relevant to a particular instrument. The different views, such as Factset Estimates, Company Profile, or Performance indicators can each be selected by clicking on the TAB.


MarketMap users cannot change the layout of the Vista service, but they can change the content by dragging and dropping an instrument code into it; for example, from a quote list.


 Additional information accessible for any Instrument







The right mouse button opens the door to a vast selection of additional instrument related functions or services.


The menu entries that are displayed in the right mouse menu depend on the type of instrument being viewed.

 Clickon any menu entry to display the named service or function for the selected instrument..

MarketMap provides access to hundreds of thousands of Instruments. If a user does not know the Symbol ID for a particular instrument, they may search for the instrument using the powerful MarketMap Symbol Guide Service. It also contains a Stock Screener function.


Here the user may enter specific criteria to help locate the required instrument. These criteria will change depending upon the type of instrument that is being searched for. Once the selected instrument(s) are identified, they can be used within any MarketMap window via double click or drag & drop.


The Symbol Guide search icon is integrated throughout MarketMap whenever the user is required to enter an Instrument’s symbol, so identifying the right instrument is never more than 2 clicks away.


Chaining (Options, Warrants)


MarketMap can display options and warrants via a single click from the underlying Index, stock or future instrument. This is achieved by selecting Options or Warrants from the above type of menu.

The chain display can be customized to show options or warrants from a certain period or for a certain number of strike prices/periods.


MarketMap charts provide the user with an overview of the historical price development of any particular instrument. The length of the price history displayed varies according its data source and the amount of time that the instrument has existed.

Users can modify the chart type, superimpose technical indicators and other instruments for comparative purposes and annotate the charts using the drawing tools. A cross-hair pointer and Infobox show all relevant values for any point in time.


 Chart Overlays & Studies (Technical Indicators)

MarketMap Chart provides a variety of technical indicators which, depending upon their type can be attached to or overlaid on the main charts (such as MACD, RSI, Moving Average, Stochastics, etc.).

It is also possible to create Overlay Charts for comparison of multiple instruments.


MarketMap users have access to local and international news services; all updating in real-time. These include DJ News award winning news services.


FactSet Estimates

Another choice from the Details submenu is Estimates thatincorporates data from the FactSet Consensus Estimates database;- which covers  up to 18 different consensus-level estimate types for over 20,000 companies across 55 countries as collated by Factset.

These estimate values are included as additional fields within the exchange based Equity instruments, making it a simple task to use MarketMap to display the latest estimates for a specific company, or to view the forecasts for a list of companies by adding these Factset provided fields as columns within a quote list.

FactSet Estimates data can also be added to Chart displays.

MarketMap has integrated context sensitive calculators for yield, price or “greeks” calculations on any Derivative or Bond instrument.




MarketMap supports audio, visual and email alerts that are activated whenever any numeric Field (e.g. price) content moves outside of a pre-defined range.

Upper and lower limits can be specified in absolute or percentage terms and can be displayed on TIC charts.

Alerts can also be set on News Headlines, so the User can be alerted whenever a specific keyword, News code or Company is referenced within a breaking news story. 



If required, Global Alerts can be set up, which means that MarketMap will continue to monitor the user’s alerts, even if they are not logged in. The user will be alerted by email, containing the values or news story text, whenever an alert is triggered.

About SunGard’s MarketMap

SunGard’s MarketMap front-to-back market data solutions provide global, multi-asset class market dataterminal applications, data feeds, customizable web components and historical databases, manageddata and analytics to financial institutions, energy and commodities firms. Market data is sourced anddelivered through the SunGard Global Network and enriched by best of breed third-party sources.MarketMap provides a full breadth of decision-support information for trading, market analysis, research,risk management, portfolio management and asset management. Through its flexible data deliverymechanisms, MarketMap’s solutions and managed data offerings can either be hosted in SunGard datacenters or deployed on-premise for managing, distributing and displaying market data. Besides highlyscalable and cost effective technology, usage reports help organizations monitor and control data costsin real time. MarketMap integrates seamlessly with many other SunGard solutions. For more information,visit


About SunGard

SunGard is one of the world’s leading software and technology services companies, with annualrevenue of about $2.8 billion. SunGard provides software and processing solutions for financialservices, education and the public sector. SunGard serves approximately 16,000 customers in morethan 70 countries and has more than 13,000 employees. For more information, please

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XRHMA is Broker Systems SA backoffice application, it is installed in each client and the user access is under control.

Multiclient is XRHMA front end (windows application) where users access XRHMA data and along with others the have the option to place new orders.

Internal Users are users that are employees of the client located into the corporation and through XRHMA Security Admin have access to ordering function.

External Users are users that are employees, branches or cooperative offices of the client located in different locations and through XRHMA Security Admin have access to ordering function.

E-trade is XRHMA front end ( web application) where retail clients - users access XRHMA data and along with others the have the option to place new orders.

Retail Users are users that are retail customers of our client, they are using e-trade application and through XRHMA Security Admin have access to ordering function.

MorningStar Server is the QuoteSpeed Server located in Germany where though SMS we activate users. One user with PubSub API is activated per each XRHMA installation ie per client.

PubSupAPI is the known service we activate through SMS for each of our client (SL 01000 PubSub Instrument Band - 1000

XRHMA TF_online is a service developed to login into MornignStar Server and initialize a specific number of symbols per market in order to provide XRHMA with relative data. It is a .NET application designed and developed by Broker Systems according to PubSubAPI specifications.

XRHMA Quote Engine is a special .NET component integrated into XRHMA which is called from XRHMA front ends (Multiclient & e-trade) with parameter the symbol and it searches into TF_Online, finds and return to the caller the last date of the requested symbol. Same time the quote engine audit trail is updated with all necessary data in order to control and report at any time the quotes per, user, date, symbol, market etc.

Audit trail is the Quote Engine log, where all action performed through it are recorded for further reporting and charging purposes.

Note: Though TF_Online, XRHMA is updated for active symbols automatically with the closing data at the end of the day for internal portfolio evaluation without presenting data to end users.